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Originally Posted by RichardM View Post
With autonomous vehicles, not only do the usual things have to be tested, such as the windows, transmission, etc. but the sensors and the software. These are the components that actually can be lab tested the easiest.
Huh? When did I ever contradict this? That's exactly why I said there's nothing (necessarily) wrong with testing in the lab.
The problem is that without complete vehicle to vehicle communication, the autonomous vehicle can not protect against another vehicle operating at an unsafe speed coming through an intersection and hitting the autonomous vehicle if the crossroad is shielded from the sensors because of a building on the corner. Nor can a human operated vehicle stop this sort of crash. You, man or machine, can't avoid what you can't see.
Another type of crash that can not be avoided is the human operated vehicle running into a stationary vehicle. That has happened to me more than once.
What makes you think I would disagree with any of this?

What specifically did I say about engineering testing that you disagree with? Being on a bit of a rant, I'm probably not being clear, but I have the feeling you're completely misunderstanding what I wrote.

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