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Well, it's an ideal, not a reality. There's nothing wrong with testing in a lab. That's the real world too. You can't test something in a fantasy world so that's right out. As soon as it becomes a test (rather than a passive observation - which can also interfere, yes, Dr Goodall), it's not that ideal real world. Yes, we try to get as close as possible but it's more important what is being tested rather than sticking to unrealistic ideals.

To "try operating it in the real world, then try to come up with ways to fix all the things that go wrong" is the futzing (aka trial and error) I talked about. Yes, that does work but it takes a lot longer. Again, that's why it took two decades between the first cell phone call and the cell phone proper. Other than the size, there was almost nothing about the 1993 phone that couldn't be done with 1973 technology. It's a lot harder than it seems at first. Yes, real-world testing had to be done but just making a whole bunch of cell phones and seeing how they fail doesn't really move things forward much. (cf Iridium)

It's more about being realistic - being skeptical - than being in the "real world". (That's hard when using investors' money. Which probably, I'm guessing, goes back to what RichardM was saying.)
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