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Originally Posted by Don Enrico View Post
We obviously need a way at least the driverless cars can communicate among each other.
Yes, this and/or so much more. Many of the developers keep skipping these problems because they think they're easy. "Talk to each other? We have five hundred networked robots and products in a factory all working and moving in perfect harmony; compared to that it's a cinch. What needs testing?" No, actually, it's a completely different problem. As are lidar in weather, road map changes, insurance and liability, traffic laws, engaging and disengaging, telling where to go, pedestrian reactions, other driver anticipations, etc etc. The engineers don't yet realise that these have to be part of the design, not incidental to it or somehow crowbarred in later from existing (ie different) systems. Most of these developers see laws, for example, as just something to leave to others at best and a hindrance at worst. What they should be doing is encouraging laws that make sense for the cars and testing them in as close to possible as the real world so that they can adjust both to work together the way laws and cars do now (even though they're a bit of a kludge because engineers and lawmakers didn't do it right then either).
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