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I bought Empress Theresa a while back.

For those who don’t know’s a taste:

I’m Theresa, the younger daughter of Edward and Elizabeth Sullivan, and I hope it’s not bragging to say I was cute as heck at age ten. Everybody in the family said so. I was the princess in the Sullivan clan of Framingham, Massachusetts because besides being cute I was a whiz in school and had a good disposition. All the relatives expected great things from me. Nobody could have dreamed of what I would do a few years later, and nobody would have believed it if they’d been told. Prime Minister Blair said I’d still be remembered in a million years.
So modest too! The book only gets weirder, with Theresa (who isn’t an empress) encountering an alien life form that gives her strange and totes awesome powers, renting 2001 for no reason and naming the alien “HAL” (the book addresses that bizarre choice).

Oh, and she gets hit by a car and loses the use of her legs. Because that’s more plausible than falling from a tree in this day and age.
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