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Anecdotal "evidence" of something that might have happened presented by a speaker with slides. Video of his presentation later uploaded to YouTube. Hmm.

I am minded that there used to be (heck, may still be, for all I know) much-publicised meetings at major venues in New York City, Chicago and the like, that were fairly well attended by interested parties who had come to see well-known speakers on an important subject.

UFO contact stuff, "Space Brothers", that sort of thing.

Immanuel Velikovsky explaining how the Bible revealed a cataclysmic rearrangement of the solar system in historical times.

Psychics. Healings.

I'd put this in the same category: not very likely to have occurred as purported; not necessarily true just because someone was willing to go on stage to talk about it.

That, however, is merely my personal opinion.
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