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Originally Posted by crocoduck_hunter View Post
Saying that it needs to be disproved puts the burden of proof on the wrong party. The problem is that there simply isn't enough actual evidence to prove anything about Jesus.
This a thousand times. It's not the burden of the skeptic to prove that he existed or possessed any of the features the Bible speaks of. We have evidence that things don't add up. Since the believers are the ones asserting everything, they need to back up their assertions beyond the "it's in the Bible and that's that" type of claims.

Originally Posted by Don Enrico View Post
I think telling tales about the miracles your choosen prophet can do / has done was part of the public culture at that time. There's a whole class of Jewish jokes about "my rabbi does greater miracles than your rabbi", and while these are told with Chasidim rabbis nowadays, they can stay for a much older tradition. I don't think that was only the Jewish culture, mind - I guess Romans tried to upstage their Jupiter-following neighbour with tales about what Mithras can do, too.

So somebody telling tales about that Prophet he saw in Jerusalem would have included tales about "how he made the lame walk again", and somebody writing down the story of the founder of a new religion a hundred years later would have included these tales (or made some up himself) because without miracles, the guy wouldn't have been a proper prophet.
It's quite possible that is indeed the case - I would venture that a lot of the tales probably started out as a form of one-upmanship from various factions supporting different people, but I also think that the dependency of oral tellings introduces such differennces due to the extreme fallibility of people's memories - especially if the memories are supposed to involve spectacular miracles.

Frankly though, the usage of miracles could be like any magicians rivalry - coming up with a way to draw crowds.
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