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Originally Posted by AnglRdr View Post
And that is why The Life of Brian is the definitive documentary of the circa-1st century messianic movement.
I recall in an episode of P&T: Bullshit!, Penn said something similar, Life of Brian accurately depicted that there were lots of Messiah figures in the day - Jesus may have been one of them - or he might not have.

Originally Posted by almond View Post
I think you are judging it by today's standards. A modern novel has to have a consistent story and consistent characters who don't contradict themselves. The text has to have a beginning and an end. That wasn't necessarily the goal of someone compiling a collection of stories about a certain wise man in the 1st century, whether he was real or fictitious.
Not to mention a collection of stories written after the guy had died and during a point in history where things were changing. Its easy to conflate events especially with what we know of the fallibility of the human brain.

To refer to Penn & Teller, Penn pointed out in the same episode as I refer to above, that we still debate about the finer points of lives of very famous people - like Elvis. We have conflating information about lots of things coming from different people claiming to having various degrees of knowledge about him. Now we know that Elvis actually lived, but we still have questions that remain unanswered or are up for debate. And that was a guy who lived about 50 years ago!
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