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Originally Posted by diddy View Post
My understanding of the Jewish religion back in the time of Christ was that there were a lot of radical people living in the region coming up with some revolutionary things (for the times).

While I don’t have any doubt that Christ the man walked the earth

I don’t think he was any more special than other prophets of the era - he was just more popular with the masses. I don’t attribute any divinity to him at all. I think that he got real popular after he died and people have been trying to piece together things about him that they may or may not really know.
Which leads to an interesting question. If at the time there were several Jewish prophets speaking revolutionary philosophy (for the times) than we'd really have no way of knowing which things that were attributed to Jesus were said by him or claimed of him by his followers. Much how any sarcastic internet commentaries on life are attributed to George Carlin you'd probably get all kinds of people repeating some new "love your neighbor as yourself" teachings or alleged miracles that some prophet performed or being about Jesus.

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