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$70,000--Speechwriter for First Lady
Laura Bush had this, but not Michelle Obama. Does this mean that Mrs. Obama writes her own speeches? This alone makes me more inclined to think that the money is being spent well. It's been said, but as long as her staff is productive, then fine. I haven't seen a press release on anything in particular that she is working on, but it hasn't been that long.

Black art probably means by black artists. There have been some really important African Amerian artists in US history, but I would not be at all surprised to find thatb the White House collections are lacking in them. I don't know whether the Obamas have put up pieces from a personal collection, or have decided to expand the breadth of the White House collection, or have arranged for some kind of loan of pieces from the National Gallery for a temporary display, but good for them. And I'm sure they lined the bird cage with the First Ladies' pictures. They are probably in another room or in storage.

Don't most galleries rotate displays somewhat? Not the big pieces, obviously-- the Louvre isn't going to put the Mona Lisa in storage for a few months to give the latest Andy Warhol acquisition better space-- but they rotate things in and out of places of prominence, and places like the White House, that are only secondarily galleries, and won't expand space to accomodate new acquisitions will do this. If they have portraits of members of Lincoln's family, for example, of great historical interest, but not necessarily great art, by unknown artists, they might be displayed for a week as part of a Civil War exhibit, or during Lincoln's bicentenniary year, but otherwise be in storage?

I've seen the First Ladies gallery, myself, when they were displayed at either the National Archives, or the Museum of American History, I forget which, as some exhibit on First Ladies, with a lot of the clothes they'd worn, often they're inaugeration outfits, on display. It was more interesting than I thought it would be. This was back in the 1980s, when I was in school in DC. There's also a National Portrait Gallery, which is where I thought the First Ladies portraits were kept, but then, I'm not married to someone who walked on the moon, so what do I know?
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