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Originally Posted by Gutter Monkey View Post
here in Australia where guns are a lot harder to get hold of we've had several mass attacks where the perpetrator simply drove a car into a crowd of people. One such instance had 6 deaths. I'm very much in favour of gun control laws but they're still only a treatment of a symptom and not the underlying issues.
You have a point, Gutter Monkey. A real driving factor among so many mass shooters seems to be rarely about an ideology and more born out of entitlement: Jagoff feels like he (and it's usually a He) hasn't been given the perks (wealth, power, women, or whatever) he feels is due to him and he's going to take it out on everyone. Entitled Jagoffs will probably always exist and we'll always have to deal with them.

But my problem with the part I quoted from your post, is that it's an argument I see too often with anti-gun control assholes: Well, criminals will still get guns or commit crimes even without them.

They are technically right, but I really hate this argument where, if a solution isn't a 100% perfect one that will lead to a crimeless utopia, it isn't worth implementing. There's probably a more succinct name for this fallacy, but the thing is, gun control advocates aren't saying that if we implement tighter gun control regs, there will never be any more jagoffs committing attacks on massive groups of people. What we're saying is that in implementing this regulation, we can reduce the number of shooting incidents and in turn, reduce the number of people maimed and killed in these incidents.

I apologize that I cannot completely vouch for this website, but if Mass Shooting Tracker is right, we are at about 45 mass shootings just in 2018 alone. That's nearly as many days as there's been in 2018 so far!

It'd be nice if no entitled asshole decided to express his rage at the world by filling people full of lead ever again, but while that's not likely to ever completely go away, any reduction in the number would be nice. If the number for 2018 so far, was 20 instead of 45, that would still mean fewer people being killed or maimed, just for the crime of living their everyday life, and fewer families having to bury their loved ones. Any reductions in any of those numbers is something to celebrate.
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