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Originally Posted by RichardM View Post
Common sense says ban assault rifles although most gun deaths are caused by hand guns. Common sense is really not very common.

What needs to happen before any legislation is a comprehensive study of gun deaths. This needs to be done despite what the NRA thinks.
I think it needs to go a lot deeper than that. I think the shooting deaths are only a symptom of something that's been happening in the US for many decades. Here's something I wrote on FB in a similar discussion:

One of the major issues underpinning the problem is the "My life is shit therefore other people must be punished" mindset that seems to be prevalent in the US. The current political climate is absolutely rife with it: "Crime is rampant therefore we have to build a wall on the US/Mexico border and they must pay for it", "I pay too many taxes therefore people on welfare have to be drug tested" etc etc etc. "I'm super angry so I'm going to shoot up a school" is just another extension of that mindset.

Edit: here in Australia where guns are a lot harder to get hold of we've had several mass attacks where the perpetrator simply drove a car into a crowd of people. One such instance had 6 deaths. I'm very much in favour of gun control laws but they're still only a treatment of a symptom and not the underlying issues.
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