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Originally Posted by mbravo View Post
I was expecting this article to be more glib or sarcastic, but it actually has a pretty good counter to the "good guy with a gun" meme.
The funny thing from a non-US perspective is how totally obvious all that stuff is, too...

I mean, even I have a fantasy wherein something dangerous is happening and I take out the bad guys single-handed while making humorous quips. Not being in the USA, I tend to imagine myself whacking them with the nearest bar-stool at the moment they reveal their evil intentions, and before they've managed to shoot me (in my own fantasies, it's the bad guys who have the guns, but again, that's my non-US perspective).

But sometimes I like to imagine myself with a handgun and getting between-the-eyes headshots in to each of the bad guys before they've killed anybody. I think it's something I could do pretty well, even though I've never fired a handgun before. (I've fired a shotgun, and managed to hit a few clay pigeons; I know that's very different but I've also fired an air pistol at a fairground and was a much better shot at that, which in my fond imagination is just the same as shooting all the baddies between the eyes the moment one of them looks like he's going to draw his pistol). Luckily, I have enough of a hold on reality to realise that this might not really be quite how things would go down in real life.

To be fair, one difference between my own fantasies and those of the "good guys with guns" in the USA is that in the USA, these people probably do in fact own handguns and have fired them a lot at ranges. Many of them probably carry their guns around with them as well. So if this situation ever arose, they'd probably be better shots than I would be.

Other than that, though, I'm not sure what the difference is. It's clearly just a mad fantasy based on watching cowboy films and so on. I can see that, because that's the extent to which it's a part of my culture. Apparently in America, people think it's real.
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