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Originally Posted by mobocracy View Post
I'm not sure Cadillacs were ever really tuned for performance as much as they were just equipped with large engines with huge torque output to get their 5,000 lb curb weight rolling. By the early 70s even the 500 cubic inch engine was below 250 hp but still just short of 400 ft-lbs torque. They handled like a Chris-Craft and I'm not sure any Cadillac driver cared about how fast they went.
Rolls-Royce never quoted horsepower figures for their automobiles, merely stating that their power was "adequate". Now any engine of that era, when saddled with both the size of the car, and the increasing restrictions due to emission controls (the need for emission controls outstripped the available technology at the time - engines today are cleaner, more efficient, have higher specific output, and reliability), would suffer, but a Cadillac owner would expect sufficient power to start quickly off the line, and to accelerate to pass, when compared with most other cars on the road of that era. Of course, it would fare poorly against a "sports car" - a small, light car tuned for good handling and quick response. It would probably fare poorly against a limited edition "grand touring" car - a luxury car with high performance - but those would almost all be very exclusive (i.e. small volume and probably hand built).

I am sure that Cadillac cared very much that their vehicles were just as fast as their contemporary competition - Lincolns and Chrysler Imperials - because it would become a selling point for the competition, if they didn't. You could have a Cadillac, or you could have a competing model, with all the luxury of the Caddy, *plus* performance. Which do you think would be more appealing to buyers?
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