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Prior to 80's, Cadillacs were bigger and heavier vehicles and tuning their engines for performance, at the expense of fuel economy, was both "necessary" because of the heavier vehicle, and expected - if a person could afford a Cadillac, they were not concerned with the cost of fuel. The vehicles didn't have any really specific technology, but maybe tuning the vehicle at the expense of output might make sense. But that's not to say that this couldn't be done with other vehicles. Changing from a 4-barrel to a 2-barrel carburetor would improve fuel economy at the expense of output, but that would work on any car.

After the 80's, well, there is probably even less that the mechanic can do - the retuning of the engine would involve reprogramming an engine control module - and not everyone has the technology to do that. Sure, some engines are more sophisticated because of variable valve timing, intake configuration, etc., but a Cadillac engine (aside from its tendency to be large and tuned for performance over fuel economy) would have nothing unique about it.
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