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Originally Posted by Crius of CoH View Post
And ditto about Crook, who I did not recognize until my wife noted that he was one of the recurring comic pirates from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. He is an incredible talent.
Yes, in the UK he's still probably better known as Gareth from the original version of The Office. From his past work and the parts he's played, I'd expected something with far more of a cynical or cruel edge to it, whereas there's almost no cynicism or cruelty in this at all, and the edge is very subtle.

The third series doesn't disappoint, either. I'm glad he's said he'll probably end it there though. As it stands I think it's as close to perfect as it can reasonably get.

To give an idea how much I liked it, I bought this box set last week at the same time as I got Season 7 of Game of Thrones. I've not seen this series of GoT. I decided to watch a bit of Detectorists first, as I was curious. And now, having watched all three series (and the Christmas episode, which comes between 2 and 3), I've gone straight back and started watching it again from the beginning, rather than watch GoT.

(eta) It just occurred to me that Mackenzie Crook is in Game of Thrones, too - he plays a warg who controls birds for the wildlings, around series 4 or 5 I think. Since Diana Rigg is in Detectorists too - her part is expanded in series 3 - there's more cross-over than you'd think! (Mind you, more or less everybody seems to be in GoT). And more trivia that I didn't realise until a friend told me - the actor who plays Becky (Rachael Stirling) is Diana Rigg's real daughter too! (And she's married to Guy Garvey from Elbow, which seems to be an obligatory addendum to the first fact).

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