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Icon81 Navy personnel dying of H1N1 vaccinations

Comment: I just received this email this morning. I do know that troops
are currently receiving the vaccine as is the public but I haven't heard
of any ill side effects. Maybe you guys know something different
especially before this one gets around.

Subject: ALERT ALERT! Navy soliders DYING after swine flu injections!

Date: 9/26/2009 1:11:39 AM
Subject: Quarantined Navy ship - Captain And Chief Petty Officer dead

This information is considered Classified. This story has gotten out from
Navy Wives out of San Diego that had brief communications from their
husbands. All personnel and military dependents are now silenced!!!!

On 1 ship, 347 onboard had all been given the H1N1 vaccine. 2 are now
confirmed DEAD, the Captain of the ship and a Chief Petty Officer are
dead!!!!!. Only 14 were not seriously effected, the rest had fought fevers
of 104 - 105 degrees for 5 - 6 days. Many are in very serious condition
and another naval ship was dispatched with 16 Medical Drs that went on
board. This first ship was in quarantine for 21 days off the coast of
Spain and has now recently returned to San Diego still under partial
quarantine. 3 other ships are going through the same situation and are all
under quarantine. They have all been determined to have gotten the Swine

Here is a radio report done that had been contacted by the Naval wives.
This story will not see the light of day on mainstream media. So.....BLAST
STORY!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!..!.. !..!..!..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Myself and others predicted this scenario a long time ago. Their EVIL
DEPOPULATION plan is in full swing! Do the right thing...get this story
out. The seasonal flu shot ALSO contains H1N! and H3N2 and one other
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