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Sure, but some art manages to integrate its politics and social issues into the subject matter better than others. La guernica wouldn’t be the same if it had been a photograph of some ruins with a caption reading "war is bad and you should feel bad." Too often, that’s what "politics" amounts to in popular entertainment and I think the criticism of films like TLJ for that kind of "hey, war profiteering is bad! animal cruelty is bad! asking female leaders to explain themselves is bad!" attempt at a messaging is valid. Doesn’t make me sexist just because I am a man and think that Admiral Holdo and Leia both were absolutely terrible leaders in TLJ. If they’d have been men, I’d have felt the same and would be just as loud. I don’t even mind the purple hair and the dress. She just sucked as a leader and Leia displayed moral cowardice. So did Luke—but then nobody is holding Luke's unwillingness to intervene up as a great example of heroic pacifism or sublime whathaveyouism.
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