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Originally Posted by Sue View Post
There is nothing that annoys me more when I go to a wedding then when the ceremony is at 3 and the reception starts hours later so that the wedding party can go someplace else to take endless pictures. I don't know when this became commonplace at weddings
I agree with this, and it's something I was careful to avoid at my own wedding. We mixed things up a little bit; the wedding and reception were both in my parents' backyard, and we took pictures out front while the guests arrived, pausing to greet everyone as they came in. I didn't care about a big reveal, so the photo session kinda doubled as a low-key receiving line. We started with cocktail hour, so everyone got facetime with my folks and my husband and me, then refreshments, right when they arrived. Then we had the ceremony, first dance and a little more dancing, then dinner and toasts, then more dancing, then we squeezed cake in there somewhere. Also there was cornhole off to the side, for those not into drinking and dancing. Other than a few posed shots before the ceremony, all our photos are candids. I'm still very pleased with those choices.
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