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Originally Posted by erwins View Post
I mentioned this in another thread, and I'm partially cutting and pasting, but it's for a very different point.

Kavanaugh was once a zealous advocate of impeachment for Bill Clinton, including advocating for articles of impeachment for lying to staff which caused them to perpetuate the lies, and misleading the public, and refusing to cooperate with the Starr investigation by being interviewed. Then he worked in a high level position in the George W. Bush white house. (Staff Secretary, which is in many ways similar to the Chief of Staff position, but less well known.)

That apparently drastically changed his perspective. In 2009, which means it was after Obama's election, he published a law review article taking the position that presidents should be immune from all suits, prosecutions, and even investigation while in office. (I have not personally read it, and don't know the details, but this is how It's been described.) ...
I think it is important to remember that the position a lawyer takes is 100% determined by whomever is paying that lawyer. A lawyers position on a case should not be construed with reflecting their personal views on the matter. So you really can't make to many judgments about his views based on the cases he has previously been involved in.
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