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Originally Posted by jimmy101_again View Post
There is actually legal and lawful precedence for the Dems insisting the confirmation is postponed until after the midterm elections.

The McConnel Rule:

Of course the chances that the Republicans will follow the rules they created is pretty much zero. So I'll start looking for that Unicorn.
That is something that has really come to irritate me, when it comes to the DNC. They keep acting like they are dealing with reasonable adults, have been doing so for their past few decades, even though it should be abundantly clear that they are not. Bipartisanship and reaching across the aisle are fine ideals, but they only work when both sides are made of reasonable adults who, despite differing views, genuinely want to work together and get stuff accomplished. It doesnít work when one side is made up of reasonable adults and the other side is made up of demon toddler spite children who will happily burn down everything to keep the other side from winning.

They have repeatedly tried moderation, compromising, and bipartisanship, even though it has always blown up in their face and it probably makes the GOP hate them even more; no one, not even a bully, likes a toady.

They also have made conceding the battle even before itís been fought, which is an incredibly dumb strategy for obvious reasons. Most Americans, when polled, overwhelmingly support so-called liberal causes, yet the DNC persists in believing that we live in a Center-Right nation. They have continually let the other side dictate the terms. As such, they spend their lives on the defensive.

Given how many times their strategy has backfired, either the DNC is unbelievably naive or more than just a wee bit disingenuous about whom they are supposed to representing.
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