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Originally Posted by Don Enrico View Post
Are they indeed? I mean, surely a lot of the head figures of the Repuplican Party are rich, including their President, but a lot of their voters that I can see in interviews or on pictures from rallies and townhall meeting look more like lower middle class or even working poor to me.

How is the makeup of the rank and file of the Party? What's the median income of the people at the National Convention? I'm honestly asking here because I don't know.
I'm sure there must be information like this available but as a small example, there is a TV show on right now called "Roseanne" which is a reboot of a very popular show from the '80s. One of the central points of the show is that the lower middle class couple voted for Trump because they bought the idea that he cared about them and that he'd bring jobs to their area. The kicker here is that the show's star genuinely did vote for Trump and she and the producers seem to think they are showing an American reality. In other words lower middle class and the working poor vote Republican and they specifically voted for Trump. Polls may demonstrate that Trump got a lot of votes from rich white folk but he got, and continues to get () support from poorer people too.
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