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Originally Posted by WildaBeast View Post
Now when will you be able to install the Tesla roof tiles on your Tesla car and charge it as you drive?

The above was meant half jokingly, but would that seriously work? Even if they didn't generate enough power to fully run the car would a car roof covered with something similar to these appreciably extend the range of an electric car?
The Prius has been offered with solar panels twice. In 2010, you could get a Prius with solar panels on the roof, but they did not power the car at all. They powered a ventilation system.

For 2017, you can get solar panels on the roof of the Prius Prime. They will help charge the batteries. Reportedly, they can help extend the electric range by up to 10%, but it has a pretty low electric only range, so we're not talking very much.

Considering how cheap electricity is, I wonder if they would ever be able to pay for themselves, or if it would only have a hypermiler/eco-cred value.

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