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Ah. They've updated the article, and it now includes pricing.

-- wow. I'd have to look up and multiply out a bit what it cost me when I had the roof done recently, as while the house is close to that size the roof wasn't all done at once; but I'll just say that the cost of 30-year roofing alone, at least in this part of NYState, is nowhere remotely near in the ballpark.

I haven't priced solar systems, though, let alone ones with batteries -- people getting solar setups in this area almost always feed the power into the regular power grid.

But, yeah, a "warranty for the lifetime of your home"? That's potentially a couple hundred years, maybe even longer; though not everything's built for that sort of lifetime. (Will Tesla even still be in business?) I suspect it's the more common "as long as the same people who bought the system are living in the house", which brings it down considerably, especially on average as many people move frequently.
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