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It is not a single window, so much as a bunch of different issue-specific windows. Most of them have shifted to the right, but a few moved to the left.

In the past twenty years or so I think the window has been shifted to the left on a few issues, especially relating to gay marriage, gays in the military and gender issues in general.

Legalization of Marijuana was once a fringe issue that is now mainstream, another window moved to the left.

As for shifts to the right, another once-fringe issue that is now treated seriously is the idea of devolving the federal government of federally managed lands. Cliven Bundy won. Despite talk of prosecution, nothing seems forthcoming, and at least two of the GOP candidates have met with Bundy and openly support him. We'll keep the national parks, but I would not be surprised if the Bureau of Land Management and maybe even the Forest Service end up transferring the great majority of their lands to state management within the next twenty years. It does not need to be a successful experiment, it just needs to last long enough for the state governments to sell of the most valuable pieces to their political cronys (at a bargain price, of course).

There is also the idea that the Supreme Court is not the arbiter of which laws are constitutional or not. Judicial review is becoming unpopular in some conservative circles. Apparently, if the Supremes don't support the conservative enough point of view, then we just need to set the clock back to 1803, as they overstepped with Marbury vs Madison and every ruling since then is wrong. This is how Cliven Bundy and other just ignore court rulings they don't like.
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