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Originally Posted by Elkhound View Post
One wants one's colleagues to be collegial. I was once on a hiring committee, and we had it down to two candidates. In terms of background, skills, etc., both were excellent; the one who was marginally better on those qualities had, alas, a personality that would have rubbed everyone in the group the wrong way.
Maybe, but I found it an unfair assumption that because I enjoy solitary hobbies, I'm not a team player in my work. I told them that too, and they seemed quite surprised that I would stand up for myself.
I am part of a team at work. That's why I'd like to relax by myself in my free time. The fact that they pretty much at the start of the interview told me I was antisocial judging from nothing but my hobbies rubbed me the wrong way.

I guess it worked out alright though, I couldn't work with somebody that would make rash assumptions.

(I wanted to post this in the first post but I was in a hurry)
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