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I guess the usual poster is on vacation.
Yep, I was on vacation. But before I look up the answers to post them, here are my guesses for last week (I think they should have at least one attempt, otherwise it would just be pathetic)!

1. What holiday symbol is easily recognized by its colorful bracts?

2. The historical Saint Nicholas was the Bishop of Myra, a city located in what is today the Antalya Province of what nation?
Turkey (Thanks History Channel's the Real Story of Christmas!)

3. The hybrid holiday Chrismukkah was popularized on a December 3, 2003 episode of what TV drama?
No idea

4. What Christmas character is accused of being "an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of an underdone potato"?
The late, lamented Jacob Marley

5. Of the four major North American sports organizations, what's the only one that schedules an annual slate of a few games on Christmas Day?
No idea (Sports question!)

6. Who resigned from his presidency on Christmas Day 1991, leading to the dissolution of his nation the following day?
I would that that would have to be Gorbachev.

7. What unusual distinction is shared by all these animals? Beetles, cats, moths, prawns, rat snakes, salamanders, sharks, swallowtail butterflies.
No idea, again.