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“The material of which this is made was brought from Egypt,” reads text at the bottom of the broadside. “It was taken from the ancient tombs where it had been used in embalming mummies. A part of the process of manufacturing is exhibited in the procession.”
This is her proof? Something written/printed on a broadside during an era when lots of lies and mistruths were advertised about all manner of paying attractions to make them sound more intriguing and exciting than they really were and draw the public in? You are kidding me Ms Wolfe.

I was at least expecting some sort of fibre analysis or carbon dating or - well just anything that was proof. Unless I missed something.

Why the heck would paper manufacturers have done this anyway? Mummy linen was presumably not overabundant in supply in relation to the needs of the paper trade, and probably ridiculously expensive compared to linen from this years harvest of flax - local or imported.

Anyway I'm off to get a kiddies painting set, paint a stick figure, sign it "Picasso" and get her to authenticate it. It says Picasso - so he must have painted it right?

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