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There is a perfectly good reason - which didn't translate outside the dream - for why we used to let the water run in our shop, which would cause the shop to fill up to about mid-thigh level with running water (like a stream). However, we haven't done it in a while, so when I turned the water on,, it was something of an issue with people who weren't used to it. Of course, now something's gone wrong, and by the time I wade back to the shop (via a long, winding hallway) to turn the water off, it's now chest-high, more li9ke a river, and there are waves making it incredibly difficult to reach the faucet. And when I do, it causes a series of increasingly-large waves to leave the shop (now outside, in a mountainous pine-forest area, no hallways in sight), culminating in three final waves of 50, 100 and 200 feet tall. The last one, luckily, crests into mist, so no damage done, and when we all stand up from "crash positions", the water's all gone and everything's OK. And the floor's clean, too. So that's OK.
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