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Well, thanks yall. I guess I can't call my friend and her family totally weird since others have heard about it too. Of course she is standing by it as the gospel truth since it has "worked" in her family for generations. When I told her that 90% of the population has innies anyway, she figured more people must be using the quarter method than she had thought!
Anyway, since this was something I had never even thought of, add this as another concern I'll have for my children to be treated differently. I had only previously considered the things I was picked on for, ya know... the basics: my second toe being longer than my first, I spoke "wrong", my parents didn't have the "coolest" whatever, my parents had something that was too cool, and on and on and on... kids are so mean.
I really joined this group to give feedback to others and the first thing I do is ask a question. Thank yall for being here when I just can't ask anyone else.
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