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This thread has made me realise that I don't know whether mine is in or out! I suspect out because there's not much of a hole but it's mostly sunk into my belly (I don't have a big belly but any flesh at all makes a fold) and so doesn't stick out. I also vaguely remember it being more protuding when I was little but I now have a slightly more womanly belly so it looks different now.

For curiosity's sake, I pushed into my belly to see it better and the only hole is a curved line underneath a little blob. It was like my belly button was smiling at me!

This concludes that I clearly have never cared about belly buttons (so perhaps it shouldn't be smiling at me?). Nor has anybody else who's known me as I've never been pelted with rotten vegetables by people with pitchforks, fearful of my freakishly different belly button.
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