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Originally Posted by Esprise Me View Post
Years later, I met a girl with a navel that looked almost exactly like mine--and it was pierced. She rolled her eyes when I told her what my cousin had said, and pinched up a bit of skin on her arm. "See this?" she said. "Anywhere you can do this, they can pierce. It's not (expletiving) rocket science."

I'm not sure she was right about that, but I was able to get my flap-less navel pierced at eighteen, and I've loved it ever since. When I change the barbell, I always think my unadorned stomach looks strange and naked.
Small hijack, but yes, she was right. However, anywhere without a natural ridge usually needs specially-shaped jewellery, called surface bars, or it tends to grow out. [/hijack]

I've never understood why people are weird about belly-buttons. I suppose it's just one of those different = bad things.
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