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Since most people have innie belly buttons (90% according to an uncited Wikipedia article), your friend's family would be likely to have innies whether they intervened or not. (I could say that all of my children are right handed because I tied their left hands to their sides when they were infants.)

Wiki says:
The reason for the occurrence of an outie is extra skin left from the umbilical cord or umbilical hernias, although a child with an umbilical hernia will not necessarily develop an outie. As well as the visible depression on a person's abdomen, the underlying abdominal-muscle layers also present a concavity; thinness at this point contributes to a relative structural weakness, making it susceptible to hernia.
My third baby had an umbilical hernia when she was about two months old. The doctor (who'd been my dad's doctor when he was a baby) said back in the old days he would have recommended binding her belly with a quarter over the navel, but that they've since found that that is ineffective. With our daughter, as with most, he said, the hernia went away on its own.
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