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Icon05 Innie and Outie Belly Buttons

A friend of mine had noticed that all three of my children have outie belly buttons. She questioned why I hadn't taped quarters to their bellies when they were babies to prevent this from happening. She said her family for generations has done so and there isn't a single outie in her family. She even said her sister had an outie for a while, but her mother didn't want that and so she taped a quarter there for two weeks and it went back in. What in the world? I never thought one way or the other about innies or outies, let alone how I could "train" the first scar my children ever received for how to be more socially acceptable. I told her I had never heard of such, and it had to be an old wives tale, but she insisted that it is done, has been done and that it works. As to the veracity of the tale, I am not concerned. I am however, curious as to how prevalent this tale is. Have you heard of it? Is it widely attempted? Why are outies seen as something to prevent?
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