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Originally Posted by Xia View Post
I used to stop at a Dunkin Donuts sometimes when walking my Golden Retriever, and after the guy behind the counter noticed her peering in the door (a family member would hold her while I went in), he started asking me if she was along and then giving me a bag full of slightly-stale donuts "for the doggie" every time I stopped in.
I eventually gave in and would let her have a few pieces (even though she was on a grain-free diet) and once I started doing that she would get excited every time we went near the store. It seems it isn't just the one store either because recently I had my new/current dog (German Shepherd) waiting outside at a different Dunkin Donuts and my family member had her put her paws up so she could look in the window and see me... The employee saw her and gave me an extra donut for her. Doesn't really go together with her raw diet but ah well...
I misread that twice as "peeing in the door," and I wondered why the Dunkin Donuts employees weren't upset.
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