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Originally Posted by Spam & Cookies-mmm View Post
What? Who ever heard of "white meat tuna"? I'm assuming this is tuna salad, with a ton of mayonnaise in it. That's not healthy. You might as well have dessert.
Originally Posted by Lady Neeva View Post
White meat tuna = albacore tuna
Yep, and a grilled albacore "burger" is so delicious. Especially served open face on wheat toast with grilled onions and pineapple. *purrs*

Originally Posted by inkrose115 View Post
Oooh, I love when people give up eating a gelatto (because of health reasons, they say) with about half a days worth of calories and then will get a McSalad with iceburg lettuce (crunchy water, people!) and about a cup of dressing and a 'diet' soda, and a cheeseburger.
I don't understand the ire. I must be missing something. If it's nutrition based:

McSalad: [side salad] 20 Calories, 0 fat (I like crunchy water. It's filling.)
1 packet McSalad Dressing (Ranch): 170 Cal, 15g fat
McDonald's Cheeseburger: 300 Cal, 12g fat
'Diet' Soda: 0 Cal, 0 g fat (Why the apostrophes?)

Total: 490 Cal, 27g fat. (If you switched to Low-fat Balsamic Vinaigrette, you'd get 360 cal, 18g fat. Even better. That's a pretty reasonable lunch.)

Gelati-da Amaretto Chocolate Gelato [1 cup]: 300 cal, 9 g fat. (44g sugar!)

Pretty high for a snack. I guess if they're eating it for lunch, it's comparable to the cheeseburger, but it's lower in protein and significantly higher in sugar so it wouldn't make a very good meal (not that the cheeseburger is the best for you, either). I can also understand someone giving up a 44g sugar dessert for health reasons...

I agree that it's okay to have dessert if you want it. I even think that people who really like sweets should plan to eat them fairly frequently (in small amounts) to prevent binging. But I don't get your example. I think I must be missing something?
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