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Luckily, I don't like chocolate. I love fruit of all kinds and eat it as a dessert and a snack. I love veggies in my main meals, and even as a snack. I do like salt a little bit too much, and coffee. But for the most part, my arteries and my tongue are thankful I don't have to kill myself to eat healthy. When you enjoy good foods, staying skinny and healthy is a heck of a lot easier then it is for most.
Edit: Not to mention when people see that I am thin and the figure out it's not my metabolism or genes but my diet, they think I have tremendous self control.
"Self control? I'm horrible. You've obviously never seen me attack a crunchy bowl of yummy carrots!"
Edit: I once had a vit. C overdose because I ate too much citrus fruit. I was little and didn't understand why I had to stop eating so much of it. I like sour and tart things.
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