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Ken White comments on Popehat.

Police and prosecutors maintain that Carter's "threat" should be taken seriously. They dispute his and his family's assertion that he followed his post with "lol" and "j/k." In evaluating the credibility of the police and prosecutors, consider this: in the affidavits seeking search and arrest warrants, they completely stripped Justin's "I think Ima shoot up a kindergarten" post of any context whatsoever, deliberately excising all mention of the online dispute, the connection to gaming, or his other posts. In short, in seeking a judge's authorization to arrest Carter and search his home, police and prosecutors made it appear to the judge that he had simply woken up one day and posted that on Facebook. That was breathtakingly deceitful.

The search of Justin Carter's home yielded no weapons and no evidence of dangerousness.

Contrast this with Officer Christopher Picciano who was not charged with a crime.

The MPD officer who stands accused of threatening First Lady Michelle Obama last summer continues to say that the entire incident was misconstrued and was a joke, the Washington Post says.

Christopher Picciano, who appeared at a hearing Wednesday to determine his future with D.C.'s police force, is said to have shown fellow officers a picture of a gun on his phone and said, "This is the gun I plan to do it with."

One is a teen with no weapons keyboarding off in a game. The other is an armed and trained police officer with access to weapons.
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