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Originally Posted by A Turtle Named Mack View Post
Hey, I just figured out a way to fill the tire with nearly pure, very dry N2 gas. ....[/I]
I had a couple ideas:
- With the valve as close to the top as possible, slowly fill the tire with a heavy gas, like xenon, slowly forcing the lighter air out the top (a 'T' fitting would be needed). Then turn the tire upside down and repeat, this time the nitrogen displaces the xenon gas.

- Alternative to the above but the other way around with a very light gas like helium.

- put the whole tire + rim (With the valve open) inside a chamber and pull a vacuum on it, the harder the better. Then re-pressurize the chamber up to a bit below the desired ~30 PSI with nitrogen, and close the valve on the tire. Depressurize the chamber to atmospheric pressure, then top off the tire as needed. The closer the tire fits in the chamber the less gas gets wasted.
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