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What I find amusing is that there's no real good way to remove all of the old air from inside the tire when filling it. They don't use a vacuum pump and draw out all the old air out. The easiest way to fill a tire with only one gas would be to dismount the tire, and force-flush the tire with Nitrogen (or other) and seat the tire on the rim while it's being flushed. And I can pretty much guarantee that shop guys don't dismount a tire when filling with only Nitrogen!

Rust inside the rim? Doesn't happen all that much, especially for a 5-year ownership of a vehicle.

Tires get dry-rotted rather quickly from exposure to elements (specifically, the sun). Oxygen/moisture is a MUCH lower concern than that.

I've had a 2000 Honda Civic with the original tires. It was owned for its first nine years by my mom, who drove it 2k miles a year, and kept it garaged. Everything on this car is original, including the 11-y-old battery. Only thing I've changed is the O2 sensor and the AC pressure switch.

The tires are still in excellent shape but since I've brought it to SC from Canada, the tires are showing a bit of aging on the outside.

FWIW... I'd never pay a dime extra for a nitrogen fill. Waste of money.

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