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Originally Posted by tagurit View Post
*snip*Then there's the diarrhea. Since 2am Monday I've had soft, baby food consistency, stools that are now watery. I took Pepto Bismol 4 times in an 18-hour period. At 28 hours I took it again. My stool just keeps getting thinner instead of firming up.

ETA: I am on Prilosec for GERD and two different antibiotics for the diverticulitis.
Have you tried Immodium for the diarrhea? And the important thing is to keep hydrated and make sure your electrolytes don't get depleted. If it's really bad you can drink Gatorade.

Yeah, GERD sucks. I have GERD and BRD (bile reflux disorder) as a complication from the gallbladder removal. Not fun.

Nexium works for me but AIUI it's like $2 a pill. The insurance company must hate me, I take it twice a day.

Rice? Are you doing BRAT?
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