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Default Video: Pastor Charles Lawson warns about paranormal phenomena surrounding CERN

I just found this pastor's sermons about CERN. This is very strange.

He tells his flock that when the Large Hadron Collider went online:

[about 10:40] Strange things are happening. Unexpected by the scientists. Paranormal phenomena, they like to call it. Apparitions. Ghosts. All kinds of demonic spirits are beginning to manifest themselves. In ways. Here we have in CERN, Switzerland, a huge wheel. Inside that wheel is a Hindu god. His name is Shiva. He does a dance of destruction inside that wheel.
The LHC produces particles of antimatter under conditions that can be observed and tested. Lawson warns about antimatter:

[about 20:50] When they produce antimatter, strange things happen. They took some of it and they won't name the college, and for reasons I understand. And the college has the facilities to contain it, antimatter has to be contained. So they put it in a college to contain it. Strange things started happening. At the college, people started hallucinating, having visions. People were going wild. All kinds of crazy stuff was happening. Apparitions. In plainer words, there's a connection between this stuff and the spirit world.
Is there any basis for his statement on a college with a "secret" antimatter facility? Most of what he says is a distortion of something that actually exists, so I wonder where he could have gotten this story.

He also quotes Stephen "Hawkings" as saying that the Higgs boson discovered at the LHC could destroy the universe. This is a distortion of the bizarre but apparently theoretically plausible idea from advanced physicists that the existing "structure of space" could be unstable, like a bubble before it's popped, called a "false vacuum." The discovery of the Higgs boson doesn't affect the likelihood of the bubble popping, though.

(Something related: Antimatter is also produced naturally in bananas, your smoke detector, and the sky--constantly. A single atom at a time several times a day is tiny enough that nothing at all dramatic happens. But the natural production happening constantly is probably a lot larger than the artificial production at CERN.)

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