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I think every amusement/theme park with roller-coaster type rides has this rumor.
The new Elitch's hasn't been in its current location quite long enough for these type of rumors to take hold yet, but there were plenty when it was in its original location. Both the Wild Cat and Mr. Twister roller coasters had decapitation and/or amputation rumors associated with them. One of my high school friends tried to convince me that the rumor that the last car on the Wild Cat wasn't attached to the track like the others were was true (to make riding in that car more exciting)... he wasn't happy with me that I wasn't buying it.

Our other local park, Lakeside, still has a persistent rumor of a roller coaster train ending up in the lake... which is no more true than the Wild Cat rumor.

Both parks have certainly had their share of fatal accidents in the past century of their respective existence but not in the manner I usually hear them told.

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