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Default My Guesses

1. What's the American version of the 1997 Swedish TV hit Expedition Robinson called?

2. What type of dog, encompassing 28 different breeds, was so named because it was bred to burrow in the earth?
WAG - Dachshund???

3. What length of time is the life of a current U.S. patent, as well as the span of a marriage celebrating the "china anniversary"?
20 years???

4. The Marco Polo Club is the appropriately named frequent-flyer program of what Hong Kong-based airline?
Cathay Pacific

5. What 1969 musical title figure is told he's "really made the grade, and the papers want to know whose shirts you wear"?
I guess there are worse earworms - Major Tom from David Bowie's Space Oddity

6. What modern-day nation was once ruled by Merovingians and Carolingians?

7. What unusual distinction is shared by these Christmas-y songs? "The Christmas Song," "I'll Be Home for Christmas," "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," "Silver Bells," "White Christmas" and, in part, "Sleigh Ride" and "Winter Wonderland"?
Ooh Ooh - I know this one (I think, I am basing it on White Christmas, Silver Bells and The Christmas Song) - they were written by Jewish gentlemen, making them somewhat ironic (to some people, anyway).

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