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Originally Posted by Furienna View Post
I still want to know more about the origins of the last name Usnavi.
I posted this upwards a bit, but here is is again, re-edited for clarity
Originally Posted by RivkahChaya View Post
There's a show on Broadway now called In The Heights, which has been hugely successful, and is being compared to Fiddler on the Roof and Rent, which has a character "Usnavi," and tells a name origin story. For SPOILER I don't know whether this is

1) a piece of folklore the author is using,

2) a genuine cultural fact incorporated into the play,

3) something true of one person the author knew, and he worked it in,

4) or something he made up completely.

The show opened in 2009, but googling the author's name (Lin-Manuel Miranda) pops up references to his working on stories with the "Usnavi" character, and the name story, back in 2000. We need to know when the "Usnavi" story appeared in inboxes before 2000.

Are there really a lot of Usnavis on Facebook? Are they really people named that, or are they people who are members of an In the Heights fan club, or something?

SPOILER:The first ship his parents saw in New York Harbor when they came to the US said “U.S. Navy.” I think they are supposed to know it is a US Navy ship-- they just name him after the first symbol of the US that they see to express they joy at being here, and give their son a head start on his way to assimilation and prosperity./SPOILER

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