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Originally Posted by Richard W View Post
they didn't seem to know or understand anything at all about the lands they were supposedly allying with, or the political situation they were getting into. Did they not do any sort of research or preparation for it at all before making the agreement? They did do some half-hearted espionage in preparation for the mission after the fact (even though there would have been no reason not to go about this openly on a large scale as well). It was almost as poorly thought through and executed as Brexit has been so far, which is absurd, as no real nation would... oh, OK.

I think that's actually part of what I like about Hobb. Her characters screw up a lot, and often in the same fashion repeatedly -- and yes, that can be annoying to read, but it's also realistic. She's not writing the standard sort of Hero who Gets Things Right. (Or claims to; I often think they're actually Getting Things Wrong.)

(I'm afraid a lot of USA foreign policy -- and not only recently -- also comes all too close to fitting your description above.)
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