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I do (think I) remember being confused for a moment when I first heard the Monty Hall problem, but now the right answer is so obvious and intuitive that I can't remember why, and have trouble seeing why it's not obvious to everybody.

The one about the plane on the conveyor belt only causes arguments because the system is badly defined in the basic description, and people make different assumptions. (Apparently some assumptions are obvious to some people, and other incompatible ones to others). If you define the system to make the assumptions that you're making explicit, then the answer isn't hard - you just get a different one depending on the assumptions you choose. The arguments seem to be between people who don't recognise the other side's assumptions, or can't acknowledge their own assumptions.

(eta) And the .9999... = 1 arguments are between people who understand maths, and people who don't but want to join in anyway.
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