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Originally Posted by robertplattbell View Post
If you are up in your deer stand and are drinking from a flask and then get sleepy and drop your gun, and it hits the ground and then shoots upward and hits you, causing you to fall out of the stand and then break your leg as you hit the ground* you won't be able to get proper medical care!

* Yes, this has actually happened. On more than one occasion. I used to represent a Deer Stand maker.....who was sued. More than once.
Almost this exact thing happened to a cousin, except he wasn't drinking & he didn't break his leg, he just got shot in the groin, though the family jewels were missed by inches as were other major necessary organs.

Not once did he ever think to sue the deer stand makers, the gun makers, the bullet makers, or anyone else. He knew it was just a freak accident & was just glad to be alive.

But now that I have this suing-the stand-maker info, I really should pass it on to him & maybe he can make some $$$!!

I keed!! He's not that type thank goodness.

Just curious, how many of those lawsuits settled or won? Because I can't imagine how it could be the stand makers fault unless it really was broken or had some defect originally.
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