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Originally Posted by thorny locust View Post
The trick to any of these things is to save them before anybody else is saving them -- but to choose something people will be collecting later. The second part of that of course is the really tricky part.

Action Comics #1 is worth that kind of money because, for quite some time after it came out, nobody kept old comic books; they were considered trash. If all the original copies had been carefully stashed away, none of them would be worth anywhere near as much. (I just checked; there were 200,000 of them. Probably less than 100 still exist, and most of those aren't in good shape.)

So anything being sold as a collectible now probably won't be worth much, though some of them may go up a bit more than inflation. The question is, what is everybody throwing out right now that people are going to want 20 or 50 years from now? But if we knew that, we wouldn't be throwing it out --
Or collect something, then have most of them destroyed in some weird kind of catastrophe like what was rumoured to have happened to the Spawn 18 shipment. If you're collecting something, nothing drives up the price like an event that makes most of it's contemporaries disappear.
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