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Originally Posted by Little Pink Pill View Post
And what exactly about the #metoo movement is narcissistic? I donít think I understand that characterization at all.
I think, possibly, that women are daring to say that our experience of harassment matters. We're making it about us! Nothing is supposed to be about us!

Originally Posted by erwins View Post
ETA: Also, that essay is indeed a flaming load of manure. It is so bad that I don't want to mention anything in particular, because it might suggest that some other NFBSKed up part of it is not as bad. But I will mention the most shockingly NFBSKed up bit. Emmet Till was a victim of the uncritical belief in sexual harassment accusations? I'm speechless with fury, disgust and disbelief. I didn't expect them to top referring to the "hysteria" of the Weinstein accusations, but boy, did they ever.
Yes, that. I couldn't even think what to say about the Emmet Till comparison.

And since when is complaining about somebody the equivalent of kidnapping them and torturing them to death?
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