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That essay is a load of flaming trash.

The reason why it is said to "believe the victim" in sexual assault cases is that 1) so few are reported and out of those 2) the case rarely goes forward, and when it does go forward, 3) it rarely gets a conviction...

So for many women, this is their only method of protecting themselves from predators. The idea of innocent until proven guilty is only for those cases where people have a reasonable expectation of justice.

So if people want "innocent until proven guilty," how about we actually make sure that the guilty are found guilty on a regular basis first?

Also, it's really hard for me to take this article seriously when most of these people being accused have gone on for years with no consequences. Weinstein was sued repeatedly, wiretapped, and now only with this "metooing" do the police actually have the political backing to actually move cases forward...
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